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Welcome to Soiltech

Soiltech is a specialist supplier for the production and processing of high-grade applications using liquid soil, soil binder, concrete and hydraulically-bound base layer (HGT) in the construction industry. Our range of services encompasses everything from soil preparation and remediation to the composition and formula by means of adding the right binding agents and stabilizing agents and finally to mobile mixing units. In addition, we offer a series of field-tested machines and tools for effective use on site.  All systems, machines and tools from our range of products can also be rented if  desired. 

The great advantage of working with Soiltech GmbH is that we offer you tailor-made solutions specially designed to meet your requirements respectively the individual conditions of your building project. With Soiltech GmbH it is possible to get the entire package from one single source: from the planning to the production of the correct binding agent or compound, the performance of the services using our own technology and excellently trained personnel and to the quality inspection through internal or external laboratory facilities.

In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and to be well-prepared for the future, we rely on advanced control instruments with regard to all our products. Not only our own laboratory but also a whole network of external laboratories and research institutes are permanently engaged with the research and development of new solutions. 

You can rely on our competence - we will support you from the beginning and through the complete construction process.

The special rental full service package

Often, special machinery is only used at the construction site in exceptional cases. In this case it is usually not worthwhile, training one or more employees in the use of this machinery. For such situations, we can offer you a unique service: not only can you rent the required machinery from us, but also an experienced driver who is in command of the appropriate expert operating skills. The additional costs arising are generally amortized with every application on the construction site as the jobs carried out run smoothly with faults minimized and ultimately ensure a clear saving of both time and money.